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Robert X

I could lift like no other.

At the time I was juggling my job and side business with lifting and boxing. While I was using AndroPlus I was able to do serious work in the gym. I continually set new personal records and I was always in the mood to work out.

I was really competitive.

While using AndroPlus I was in a very task oriented mode. I got mountains of work done and was able to stay up until all hours of the night making money and working on my business. There was no limit to what I could do.

I had a crazy high sex drive.

Interestingly, while I used this, I started to notice how many girls either subtly approached me or checked me out. While walking down the street in La Crosse a girl walked up to me and started telling me a story about her weekend. At a club a girl next to me asked me to come outside and have a smoke with her. Additionally I approached way more girls. In the two months beforehand I hadn’t had much interest in going out, but AndroPlus motivated me to get back into the game.


Good God – it’s like waking up without a hangover for the first time in months.

If you are a North American or European man living in the 21st Century, then you have abnormally low testosterone, given your genetic makeup… even if you were lucky enough to be born with high innate levels.

Now, I am not a doctor; I haven’t done independent testing, and I am not an expert on body-building. But I can tell you the following:I am more alert, sleep better and have more energy for working out.

My sex-drive has returned to where it was at 25. TRT may not be a youth-serum exactly, but it’s pretty darned close.

From my experience, Andro-Plus is safe, it is effective, and it, or something like it, is necessary for your health.


AndroPlus that has been making quality testosterone creams for a while. I checked the company out and it sure does seem like the company is legit and their product has already helped many struggling men…

And don’t take my word for it, that Andro plus is indeed a great product – instead take my friend’s; Philbert’s word He’s a medical doctor.

Philbert (Not Dr. Phil!) has been a family friend and has stood with us through thick and thin. I know that Doc is on his fifties right now and he’s not exactly in his youth-like shape so who would be a more suitable candidate to share the blessings of with?

So I went ahead and paid the Doc a visit. We chatted about family stuff, and before I left I gave him a whole tube of A+. The doc was happy and he said he would use it. I also gave him the site’s address and recommended that he follow some of our routines along with the TRT. He even mentioned that he also used another cream before albeit a more expensive one (we will not disclose the brand here) which is perfect for so that we will have a point of comparison.

I saw the doc again a month later. I needed a consult with my cough and he prescribed me some meds then I asked how he’s doing with the Andro Plus. He said he hasn’t been able to follow the regimens since he has been busy being a major stock holder of a new hospital he and his partners established. That surprised me since I can see that (yes he’s still quite chubby) but he now looks less fluffy so to speak.

His muscles seem tighter but his skin turgor seems perfect. And his overall aura is undeniably more “alive and uplifted” he seems happier for some reason.

He said that he’s feeling okay and so far Andro plus is just as good as his last T cream (which costs twice as much). But the major help that A+ is giving him according to doc is with his sexlife. You see, the doc looks harder (muscularly) and happier because he IS HARDER and happier with A+.

All in all Doc says, Andro Plus is 100% A+ indeed!

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